RBC Degree program
Masaka youth to the Kigali Genocide memorial
A powerful story of Eliah and Gaston on Authentic TV
Evening of Comfort in ADEPR Masaka
Never Again group visiting the Lighthouse
Preparing the church to minister healing ,Hope and Comfort
RBC Graduates 2016
Handing the candle MMI to Rabagirana

Coming Up

RBC Degree program 17th-29th April

Rabagirina Bible College is launching Theology degree and Leadership and organisation (3 years) in block or holiday course April 2 weeks-Aust 3 weeks -November 3 weeks.

The facility is excellent, we are connecting to a huge library, and the lecturers are qualified with tons of experience. The methodology is adapted to adult learning. The cost is very affordable. For residential student a small additional amount is required for accommodation.

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  • Updates

    RBC students orientation 2017

    Our New Student Orientation for degree program has started today 15th April 2017, this is to help students navigate their transition to RBC —academically, personally, and socially and connecting them to the story of the School, the uniqueness of its vision and mission to train leaders who will bring holistic transformation in their communities.

    Prepare the Church to minister Healing,Hope and Comfort to the Nation
    Church Leaders in Kicukiro

    In partnership with God Cares ,we are running a 2 day workshop for 65 Leaders preparing for 23rd Genocide commemoration.
    people are very responsive ,sharing their personal stories and giving testimonies of healing .

    Weekly Devotions

    ‘The light shone in the darkness, the darkness did not overcome’ …. John 1:5

    This is said about the life and ministry of Jesus during the time of empty religious routine of the Pharisees and the worship of the Roman Emperors. The message of Jesus was not taken seriously. He was the light of the world shining in the darkness of sin and hopelessness. Later Jesus told his disciples that they were the light of the world (Mat 5:13-16). Their light was not easily welcomed. However as the powers of darkness attempted to put off the light by killing Jesus, they also attempted to put off the light of the Gospel by killing the apostles. The failure of darkness to overcome light is a permanent truth today even in situations where evil seems to have the last say. May we learn to see God even in the darkest moments of life!


    Rabagirana Institute for Reconciliation

    Powerful healing and reconciliation workshops, leading participants through carefully structured material, have helped many people to face and express their pain, and to move into a restored hope and reconciliation with their neighbours.

    church and Community mobilization

    We work with local church and government leaders to develop community-owned projects, initiatives and co-operatives, in order to empower people to realise their God-given capacity to be their own solution to their problems.

    Rabagirana Bible College

    Combining basic theology with the practical application of biblical principles for reconciliation and development, our bible school provides Christian leaders with an accredited certificate and equips them to work effectively within their community.